mark that page with your own shit

mm. mmm.. m..! mm m. m m..

it's stuck to my skin and i can't get it off

m m i hate it here.

the mouse went up the clock, i chased it down and waste my time away.

m per chance.

i wish to speak with no name, to bid without a tongue.

my tongue hurts.

it hurts to be my tongue, why must you always bite me?

what about my tongue?

something about his tongue i don't know, i wasn't really paying attention.


it feels empty, a little dry. Maybe you really should quit eating, no malice this time. i think it would be heealthy for you to listen to me now. if i was lying to you this time. you would not be real, so trust me.

...and it knew more than i told, "you should take a bite.."
and i can tell, don't you ever think that you will be sound now that we're bare, you gave it a stench and guess what.

if you suceed in tempting the beast then the beckon will turn your way, tipping the scale, but if you fail he'll snap his fingers and lose your weight sending you tumbling down.

mm. mm. mm. some days it all seems pointless to me, is reality waiting for my next move? mm. mm mm mm. mm mm mm. m m. mmm. mmm. mm. mm. m. m m m. mm. mm. m. m. m. m. mmm. mmm. mmm. mmm. m. m. m. m. m m. m m. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mmm. mmm, mmmmmmm. mm mm mm. mmmmm, mm. mm. mm. m m. mmm. mmm. mmm. m. m. m. m. mm'mm. m. m. mmm. mmm. mm. mm. mmm. mmmm. mm. mm. mm. mm. m. mm. mmmmmm. i miss you so much. mmmmmmm. mm. mm. mm. mmm. mmmmmmmm. m. mmmm..!


split yer filthy tongue into two

mm. mm. Meow mmm m mmm..

mmm. m. mmmm m mmm mmm...

mMmmm...what's that mean?

mmm m m m m.i don't know.

mm m mm i don't trust you.

mmm mMm m for how long..?

m    m       m m mm m  M!

      m           m mmm M..!

 ?             ?      ?  M........!

   m                          m   !

What was that noise..

mmm MM. m. m..?

they brought me to a star lit room with a floor made of dirt and beat me in my spore cell until i was in a panic.

it was at the point of pure fear and confusion that my mind was one with that of a parasitic cat.

in this state would they find their dragon using my physical body and sensations as a cage for their beast of burden.

my brothers and sisters trapped in these tunnels of torment, the twisted pleasures what bent your terms for sale, but oh you'll be fine long youse have yer due dilligence and consume.

hold my tongue out in desperation.. and as my hand empties my tongue, enters the beast by his hand... and we shook for the sake of the donkey..!

oh, how instantly the warmth would start to grow up my chest coating my tongue.. and maybe just a little bit do i feel sorry for the holes, plugged.

it's not MY eternity we have to worry about though, is it.

m. m.

lights along a mental path that web in and out of itelf

m m m. mmm. m m m m m m m m m. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mmmMM..!

i guess you could call it mmm (redundant) Donkey..!

why is the machine physically binding..?

i guess long ago during a spur of the moment situation, all pipes blew steam into the moon, mending the space inbetween to the space that salted the rim.

..and when does that happen?

mm M..! mMMmmm.. mM! mmmMMm..?

the hell and heaven prophecy relayed to a home near you..!

m. m.

have you sealed your own fate?

m. mm m m mmm m M..!

mm. mmm m mm m mm..

mmm. m mmmmm m mM.!

that's pretty out of character, even for you.

mmm. mmmm m m mmM!

mm. m mm mmm m mm..

m. mm mm m m m mM..!