eat dirt and fuck well

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satan, if hold, to touch your body.. why wouldn't you die a virgin?

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if i start thinking about you too much, dark figures will emerge from the shadows in the corner of my room and watch over me as if i'm not to make any sudden movements. my immediate safety is dependant on controlling the ball of snow what send shivers down my spine. i get so cold and start to violently shake and my mind sinks into the dent left by my body the only echo of self to stain left to dirt. as i float behind myself in this thick coat of fog like an angel tied down by two cinder blocks, would you even hear my cries to snap the chord and tie us off..?

m. m.

the pressure will start to build up on your skull.. you should be more proud of the steps you have walked to this day, why are you not proud?

..and no longer able to imagine the grass on your skin, the sun in your eye. drowning on the inside off the fluid in your lungs, replaced with steel now the lunatic will echo off these metal walls. strict, insideous caw from the wolf known like bells in the head what calms many or come many and me a more to the head what calms none.

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