Mm. m. Mmm. m.

flies that swallow the body of the cat

in March i said, " MMM ", (March of 2021 the color orange being the color of the same body what contains a similar line of text began to mutter a similar phrase until the kicks grew muscle enchanted with the curse of memory and all colors Orange shifted slighty to one arm, tipping the scale to a point of all being engulfed and in an ironic attempt to soothe the self became assaulted by the comfort of all selves pains.) but thats all over now.

the vague creature that beckons from one end of the shelf.

.. and the mind can bbe mmmmmmm mmm a cave like the body where i collect all self.. you you you you you him her them they/ me ... the many me a mores. and become like the puppets i am in my body outside of theirs. in my cave i collect my puppets we converse we share memories we experience the fatal bias. am i holding a donkey..? in my mind is like a cave where i collect all bias like dirty soup called mud. they phrase it in a way coincidental enough to echo on behind the screen. behind the mind where i collect myself. the body out side of my self and yourself will get rid of you and me. we will all become snuffed out of the cave, or we will suffocate on our own pride.

m. mm. what sat in the back of your mind, growing..?

are you subtle or implied? (when it comes to laying seed, one must remain swift enough to remain valuable, yet stroll enough to bite profit) one of the two would help with the basic premise.

are you willing to salt the details or have you sat upon a throne of shit your entire life? whether or not you're to go, it's the details that truly matter..!

once you have come to a conclusion for yourself, you will have one more to decide. are you a chicken or are you an egg?

m. mM.

mMM. m m. Mm. mMMM...

what has happened to you..?

m..? M.. mmM.

inconsistency burrows into your palm like sap

let the mmm mm..! (your tongue) ..and you might not mm mm. dot (turn into mud, premature mud.) echo m. m. dot echo echo repeat. exit channel left.

m. m. mm mmmmm mmmmmmmmm m m m M mMMmmm..!


if the cold becomes empty then it is cold and not warm if the warm is cold it is not cold it is full.

mm. will you hold me close... mm. mm. m m hold me tight. keep me warm. keep me safe.

mmMM..! M! mm. m m m m m. mmMMM..! m m m m m m m m m mmm mmmmmmmmm..?

mmm. Mm. m m mmmmMmm.. mm mm. mmmm mmmm mm m m. mmmmm mmMmm..?

m eat mmm consume m. m. mm. mm. piggy. mmmmmmmmm.

MMmmmmmmm..? m m m. m mmm. mm. mmm mmm m. m. m. m. mm. mm. mm. mm.. m..!

m m. have you caught a live one yet? mmm. m... no, none of this was real..!

mM. m..and if you ever learn to cut. cut, cut yourself out of here. m. m..and learn to be free!

mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm. m mmmmmmmmm mmm mmm mmm mmm. m m m. m. m. m.

no.. you're not strong enough. mm. mmm. M..! mm.. mMM..! you could never pull through..

mmmmmmMMm..? i have never had faith in you, you're not the type worth trust.. m m m m m!

m m m. mm mm. dot echo echo echo echo mmmm mmmm. dot dot.. echo. repeat process, indefinite..